How to Choose the Best Company for Apparel Printing

Attiq Muzaffar

Of the three basic needs of human beings, clothing forms a part. According to the research done by a shopping company called 'Who What Wear,' 5% of people's salary goes to apparel. Organizations also buy clothing for their staff. Thus, whether as an individual or as an organization, choosing a good apparel printing company is significant. You don't want to spend money and regret it later. Instead, you want to smile every time you see the product of the right decision you made. This article guides you on choosing the best apparel printing company, especially if you want to source custom apparel, hoodies, T-shirts, and sports clothing.

Apparel printing and apparel printing company

In the advent of technology that we live in today, apparel printing has really diversified. You cannot compare apparel printing to other industries, like cloud storage or mobile services. In fact, I would compare the growth in apparel printing to grasshoppers. Uniforms, motivational T-shirts, customer promotion, and sports clothing make apparel printing a fast-growing industry. Broken Arrow Wear, UberPrints, VistaPrints, and SpreadShirts are among the top ten apparel printing companies. So, how do you choose your fabric printing company?

Choosing a custom apparel printing company

Custom apparel are clothes made to suit you. In custom clothes making, a tailor does not take five or ten measurements. Instead, the measurements range between twenty and thirty. That number is so great that the resulting cloth is literally meant for you and no one else. One pays dearly for custom apparels, so no mistake should be made in choosing such a printing company. Here are some tips on how to select a custom apparel printing company;

  • The price offered versus your budget, without an overemphasis, our account informs our choice. Even in printing custom clothes, budget is of utmost importance. Find what price a company offers to print custom apparel Compare that to your budget. If the price and budget click, then you got it. Otherwise, move on to the next company and make a comparison.
  • The printing quality; it is not money that says it all. Now, your budget and the printing company's price click. The next question would be, 'Is the printing offered of high quality or is it just some work of mediocrity?' That question needs to be answered before you can choose a company.
  • Reputation; 'A good name is better than sweet-smelling oil.' You need to find out the reputation a company holds. Learn what other clients have said about the company. Go online, check the review section, and seek to know what people have to say about that company.

How to decide on the best sports clothing printing company

As previously stated, sports clothing form a significant fraction of the apparel printing industry. With football, Field Hockey, Ice Hockey, Baseball, Lacrosse, Golf, Netball, Basketball, Tennis etc., companies and clubs increasing, sports clothing's demand keeps rising. More and more sport clothes are printed. In selecting the best sports apparel printing company, consider the following factors;

  • Price; just as it is with custom clothes, a sports clothing printing company must have a favorable printing price.
  • Delivery time; your players will need the clothing delivered as fast as possible for their upcoming games. Consequently, inquire about the delivery time offered by the company.
  • Work quality; consider seeing the company's printouts' quality and decide if that is what you want for your sports clothing.
  • Shipping; suppose you tender the company for both T-shirts printing and sourcing, know from where the company ships its apparels. This informs how fast the delivery will happen. The political status of the country from where the company ships clothes matters

T-shirt printing company- how to choose it

Of all the apparel printings, T-shirts printing is the most widely distributed form of printing. This is because they are called 'fit-it-all' since T-shirts may suit all events. Whether official or informal, a T-shirt will prove loyal to you; what matters is how you match it with other clothes. Now that you want to source T-shirts and print them, the following factors should form your checklist in choosing the best T-shirt printing company;

  • Available printing options; In T-shirt printing, various forms of printing exist. We have embroidery, sublimation, vinyl heat press, cut-and-sew, screen printing and DTG printing (direct-to-garment). Establish whether the company provides all these options since different customers will require different printing options.
  • Price; this is a business, and you don’t want to incur losses. Thus, get to know the printing prices and what flexibility and modes of payment exist.
  • The uniqueness of printing; nothing is new under the sun. We just have the latest version of what already exists. With this competitiveness, it is your uniqueness and authenticity that will sell your product. Thus, before setting for a T-shirt printing company, find out its unique features.
  • The shipping country, reputation, and quality of the printouts still stand to be significant.

Choosing the best company for hoodie printing

Being casual and laid back, hoodies are so fashionable, popular and make people look warm and welcoming. Besides that, they are beneficial during cold weather because of their warmth provision element. Thus, if hoodies are the apparels that you print, you made a good choice. In choosing a hoodie printing company; never forget the following factors;

  • Printing methods; for hoodies, you can choose between screen and embroidery printing. Does the company offer both?
  • Customer reviews; go to the Internet and see what clients say about a company. A company that lacks checks or has many negative reviews is not what you want to go for.
  • Delivery spans; stay away from companies that lack specificity about delivery time. This is your business. You do not want to let down your customers because of a company that delayed delivery.
  • Price; find out how the company charges printing services. Is there a difference in bulk printing? Does the price meet your budget?
  • Quality; this is an essential factor. Even if the prices are pocket-friendly, the quality must be what you want.



Apparel printing has grown so fast, with so many printing companies worldwide. As an individual or an institution, you want your needs met. Thus, you must know the factors to consider when choosing your apparel printing company. Whether you deal in custom apparel, T-shirts printing, sports clothing printing, hoodie printing, quality, price, delivery time, reputation, and the available printing methods will stand out for you. In your checklist, ensure that all those factors are met before you can settle for a company for apparel printing.