How to Deal with Apparel Printing Company for best Prices and Custom Orders

Attiq Muzaffar

Apparel has evolved with individuals and companies opting to choose what graphics and names to put on the clothing. Therefore, if you are running an apparel printing company, you no doubt want to ensure the best prices in the market. Also, customizing orders to suit the clients’ tastes and preferences involves much. Therefore, dealing with these can pose a challenge. However, if you want tips to succeed, then keep reading this article.

T-shirt Printing

If your apparel printing company deals with t-shirt printing, you will need to know the best t-shirts for this. Remember, the decision of the type of t-shirt to print depends on its need. For example, if they are for an expensive and luxurious clothing line, then you no doubt need those that are heavyweight and appropriate for DTG printing. Additionally, if you want to get the best prices for t-shirts meant to be used in promotional events, you will go for those that are lightweight and can undergo screen printing. Additionally, choosing a blank t-shirt for printing isn't easy. Also, you should economize when needed, but still, get your apparel printing company to produce quality services.

Notably, an apparel printing company ensures it employs the use of technology in t-shirt printing. Therefore, you will need to stay up-to-date with the latest development in the field.

Screen Printing

This is one of the printing techniques that can be used by an apparel printing company. It involves pressing ink through a mesh screen which is stenciled to develop a printed design. Therefore, if you want to custom clothing, screen printing is an effective method to use. Also, you can create stencils in this technique in different ways. It depends on the materials you use. For example, you can cover the preferred areas of the screen using vinyl or masking tape. Additionally, you can use glue or lacquer. Importantly, your screen printer needs the right tools to give you a clean print. Remember, investing in the right accessories for this process goes a long way in ensuring you get the best prices at the end of it.

If you are wondering why this is a good technique to help an apparel printing company get the best prices, well worry no more. Screen printing produces clear colors, even when used on darker fabrics. Additionally, the tactile quality of prints from the method is very attractive. Plus, when professionalism is applied in this method, then you can have multicolored designs as well. Remember, if the company has qualified personnel who use washable ink that is treated with the heat on the screen-printed garment, then no need to worry about the design getting washed out. Also, to ensure the longevity of the apparel, follow the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines to the latter. Nonetheless, when you use this technique, the printer can reproduce a single design many times. This is because the stencil used can replicate similar designs over and over. Therefore, screen printing is appropriate when you want to create several copies of a garment design. So, the next time your apparel printing company gets a customizing order for work uniforms or sports team attire, you know the efficient printing technique to go for. Besides, if you want to go for more intense coloring on the fabrics, you can use screen printing rather than digital printing.

DTG Printing

DTG (direct to garment) printing is a method of printing that involves the use of a fabric printer in transferring images directly to fabrics. It is different from screen-printing since it uses a digital printer to transfer the images and designs directly onto fabric. Furthermore, the technique allows the application of numerous colors all at once. Therefore, with DTG printing, you can have colorful designs on apparel. Nonetheless, if an apparel printing company wants to save on cost when printing single items, then this would be the effective technique to opt for. Furthermore, DTG printing uses a computerized image making it ideal for designs that are extremely detailed or photographic. However, when you go for this method, you might not get the intensity of color as you would have gotten in screen printing.

 Heat Transfer Vinyl

This is another option for an apparel printing company. The trend can be used in creating designs as well as on items for promotion. Moreover, heat transfer vinyl usually comes in sheets or rolls and is suitable for various types of fabrics and materials. As a company, you can use this method to express the creativity and imagination of clients on customized garments. Let them express themselves through their clothes. Vinyl Heat transfer is allowing the use of color to bring all the imagination to life with print. Remember, it can be applied to t-shirts and fabrics. Therefore, this is another awesome way of customizing clothes to make them personal. So, heat transfer vinyl gives room for custom apparel printing and can allow a company to custom the orders from clients. Plus, the better the results, the more your clients will come back.

Personalize Your Clothes

Uniqueness is important and one’s clothing and style can express just that. The good news is that you can have your apparel or that of your group personalized to your needs and taste. To custom design clothing, you can find an appropriate site online, or an apparel printing company with the service. Next, you can choose from the tons of clothing options you can personalize. Whether they are yours, for an event, or even your team or company, you are sorted. Moreover, depending on the options available you can add a preferred design, logo, or even graphics.


There are lots of changes in the apparel industry. Clothes can be personalized to meet users’ needs, tastes and preferences. However, an apparel printing company might find it challenging to choose effective printing techniques. This article has discussed several methods and the advantages. Moreover, custom design clothing allows the expression of creativity, uniqueness as well as varied imaginations. With printing, there is no more room for boring apparel.