Attiq Muzaffar

For many decades, people have enjoyed wearing custom printed apparel for various reasons. These clothes are loved by many people because they never run out of fashion or style. In the USA, a large population of both genders, with youth as well as adults, find custom printed apparel their favorite clothing for various occasions. This apparel include printed t-shirts, tank tops, yoga pants, joggers and shorts. This article discusses the multiple techniques employed in printing custom apparel and why people love wearing these stylish clothes. Let us begin by discussing the printing techniques used in customizing clothes in the USA.

Screen Printing

This technique involves the use of the photographic stencil to apply ink layers onto the surface of a product. The image of the screen is then transferred onto the surface to be printed. This technique is quite versatile and cost-effective, making it apply to various items, including tanks and t-shirts. The screen-printing process, also called silk screen printing, is best applicable for logos that require not more than 8 colors. However, the method is not ideal for smaller quantities of products or individual and personalized items. 


This happens to be among the most common techniques in customizing polo shirts and hats. The method involves first digitizing the logo on the screen, followed by mapping it for embroidery based on the logo’s intricacies and colors. The appropriate colors for the thread are chosen, a sample is worked on, and, after approval, your order is set for embroidery based on the specifications. Similar to screen-printing, embroidery is ideal for various custom sports goods. However, it is primarily suitable for fabric materials, and the machines tend to struggle in cases of small letters or finer details.

DTG Printing

Direct to Garment Printing is a state of the art technology that allows us to print tshirts in minutes.  Do you have a high quality image on your phone? Simply bring it in to our store and we can print it for you while you wait. This technique does not rely on the color quantity or the artwork used in creating images, which are then printed onto the specified material. The advantage of using this technique is that it is economical since it involves the use of full color and high-definition logos. Hard goods such as notebooks, water bottles, and electronics are used in DTG Printing. However, when working on large orders, digital printing is comparably expensive and slower than screen printing.

Heat Transfer Vinyl

This utilizes heat in activating and attaching vinyl stickers onto fabrics. Vinyl has a soft texture and a great stretch, as well as durable to be used in sportswear. The durability of vinyl makes it suitable for use in designing jerseys and uniforms because they are frequently worn. The technique is ideal for designing all kinds of custom sports goods, and it has several benefits. For instance, the images produced are durable, and the custom logo of your choice can be applied to any material with the ability to absorb the color. Vinyl is a high quality product and is generally used for smaller orders.  


Why People Love Wearing Custom Printed Apparel

The following are the top reasons why many people love wearing customized clothes in the USA.

  • They are unique. Everyone wants to be associated with something unique, including what they wear. As a result, people will always want to wear something unique, making them stand out from the crowd. This uniqueness is guaranteed by customized printed clothes. The reason why you may be the only one wearing a personalized t-shirt in your neighborhood is because it is personalized. Furthermore, a feeling of pride is developed when you wear a t-shirt that bears your own design.
  • They can be made quickly. Customized apparel is commonly worn in the current generation because it can be made quite easily. This is in stark contrast to the situation many decades ago, when you had to visit shops and warehouses that dealt with t-shirt printing to have your chosen design put on your shirt. This has changed with technological developments, which allow people to personally put designs on their t-shirts through the many websites that offer printing services and guidelines, such as 4WinnersSports. On such websites, you are guided in uploading and fitting your design onto the template of your shirt. When you are done with the whole process, you only make your payment and wait for your shirt to be shipped to you within a few days. This simple process has seen many people customize and wear t-shirts that bear their own designs.
  • They are versatile. Many people also love customized clothes because they are versatile, meaning they are able to be treated in the same way as any favorite t-shirt. Moreover, these clothes can be combined with almost anything and can be worn anytime for any occasion. The only precaution lies in ensuring that their content is not offensive or tactless.
  • They are a way through which people express their thoughts. Wearing customized apparel is one way of expressing your mind or thoughts to the outer world. It is a way of wearing a piece of your own mind. Without making it look as if you are trying to send out a message, wearing customized clothes is way used by many people use to showcase their creative side. Moreover, people wear these clothes in order to pass an important message or as a way of celebrating something.