4Winners Custom Sticks 

The 4Winners Design Your Own Stick experience is like no other.  Such an important investment should be taken seriously, thats why we give you the best possible customer service experience.  

Contact us today to start designing your stick. 

When you order with 4Winners, you receive the following:

-Phone call with our on site field hockey expert, who will learn about your game and provide stick recommendations that will help enhance your game. 

-Once your stick is selected we will then connect you with our Graphic Designer who will help bring your perfect stick image a reality.  We can put your logo, name, number even emojis on your field hockey stick. 

-Once your stick is produced in a rapid 3-5 business days (check our competitors who have minimum order quantities and take months to manufacture) we will then provide you with a free gripping service at tournament events.  Simply bring your stick by the 4Winners booth and we will perform inspection and grip your stick with a brand new performance enhancing shammy grip for you, for FREE, for life! 

* Maximum of one grip per tournament.

About our sticks

Tested and perfected by professionals to ensure top quality game play. We offer sticks from 40-95% carbon fiber with a choice of bow and length. 


  • 40-95% carbon fiber
  • 20-25 mm
  • Standard or late Bend
  • Head shape: Midi.

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4Winners Custom Field Hockey Stick

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