Upload your team logo, your name and number, an emoji, a selfie, a fun quote, ANYTHING you desire onto your own custom field hockey ball. Order a single just for you or multiple for the whole team. We offer no order minimums, and no set up fees. There is no order too big or too small for 4Winners.

At 4Winners we personally understand the frustrations of getting your team balls mixed up with another team, or not knowing which balls belong to your team because they all look the same. We want your team to have its own Field Hockey Ball personalized to you and your team. And we can make this happen for you.

We will print your teams logo onto a hockey ball that will forever have value to you. Even if you lose that ball, you'll be spreading brand awareness, because whoever picks that lost ball up will be looking at your teams logo and hopefully they will bring it back to you.

We know field hockey teams put a lot of money into hockey balls every year and we believe customizing balls are a cool and new way to keep track of which balls belong to your team. 4Winners will send each team a free customized ball with their team logo on it as a gift from 4Winners, but we can print more than just logos. We can print your favorite emojis, a ball for a special event, or even a ball customized to a person as a gift. The ideas are endless and  the creativity in the field hockey community is at an all time high!


4Winners Custom Dimple Field Hockey Ball

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